Privacy Policy

Our Policies:

Privacy Policy:

We care for your privacy. Hence, we follow a firm privacy policy to use the collected data for a particular purpose. We never use or communicate your details to anybody for any other purposes. 
Hariom Express Cargo Packers and Movers demand your whereabouts for the reason that you know well. We store them with us and identify the intention to use it. We thus make sole use of them to fulfil the objectives. Also, we accept your consent for any change or modify your details. We are stringent in following this policy throughout our working process. Hariom Express Cargo Packers and Movers abide by every law in using such information. 
a) Hariom Express Cargo Packers and Movers only keep your personal information up to the use of it. Then they are removed from our database. 
b) Every time Hariom Express Cargo Packers and Movers collect your personal information by following the laws and fair means. We collect them directly from the person concerned only. 
c) We request our customers to provide us with the correct information that is relevant for this purpose. Our motto is to use them for their benefit. 
d) Hariom Express Cargo Packers and Movers take all the necessary means to protect your information from any disclosure or unauthorized use by any other apart from us. 
e) We also remain transparent about our policies to our customers. Hariom Express Cargo Packers and Movers are committed to pleasing them hence welcome any suggestion from your end. 
f) Hariom Express Cargo Packers and Movers focus on repeated business. Hence, we are keen to maintain our brand in services and conduct towards our clients. Our reputation is the fruit of persistent efforts over long years. 

Other Policies:

Hariom Express Cargo Packers and Movers follow a few firm steps in the execution of every consignment. As customers’ satisfaction is our goal, we never deviate from them. Hence, we stress proper planning. 

Working Procedures: We proceed step by step to the goal. Our trained executives reach your place to plan the work. You can clear your every doubt at this time. We negotiate well with our customized rates. Hariom Express Cargo Packers and Movers do not compromise with the service quality and try to be pocket-friendly all the time. Hence people always think of us in their need of shifting. 

Payment & Billing Terms: With the reasonable charges, we are also open to our payment terms. We are equipped with all the modern methods of payment; hence you need not carry cash always. You can pay us 50% in advance for the job and rest after completion. Many times, customers pay the total bill in advance also. We never distract from our commitments after getting the whole amount in advance. We keep every monetary transaction transparent and care for your trust in us. 

Insurance Claim: The matter of transit or warehouse insurance is one of the reasons for our popularity in the market of packers and movers. We guide our customers in taking the proper insurance as per their needs. Here, we follow the fast settlement of any claims. Many time we have settled claims then and there. We suggest taking insurance coverage before your every move. It gives peace of mind for a little extra cost. 

Thus, we proceed with you to your new destination. We end with a smile of happiness on our face and maintain the relationship thus built. 

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